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Exploring Human Behavioral Responses to Detecting and Reporting Natural Gas Odors in New York City: A Mixed- and Multi-Method, Community- Based Study (


After the natural gas explosion in March 2014 in East Harlem, New York City, energy service companies (ESCOs) have made efforts to increase their outreach and education to customers around the dangers of undetected and unreported gas leaks.  This research study will help to inform those efforts.

This mixed- and multi-method, community-based study aims to employ three distinct approaches to investigate behavioral responses to suspected natural gas leaks among a select sample of New York City consumers of natural gas services.  Research has shown that the use of community-based, community-driven, and community-focused research can help engage influencers and policy makers in the hopes of shaping public health policy while simultaneously encouraging and emphasizing individual and community action.


Funding Source:  CUNY Office of Research/Con Edison

Award Amount:  $35,000

Principal Investigator:  Nicholas A. Grosskopf, EdD, MCHES
Status:  Study Recruitment;

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