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Project iSmash:  Influences of Social Mobile Apps on Sexual Health


Since the advent of the Internet, communication technology has been rapidly progressing.  It is estimated that over the next decade, mobile-based Internet technology will be broadly disseminated, connecting billions of people to the Internet.  New social networking applications or ‘‘apps,’’ which use GPS technology to locate potential partners who are closest, and other emerging forms of mobile-based communication are replacing or enhancing older technological communication methods.  This proposed study attempts to expand on the current research of men who have sex with men (MSM), Internet and mobile app use, and high-risk sex behavior and will assess the attitudes and beliefs of men toward HIV prevention interventions that are mobile app-based in nature.  In essence, the proposed study will not only add to the current behavioral research, but will also attempt to create a new facet in the research that will address issues in prevention and education and create opportunities for future research that focuses on preventing HIV infections through the use of mobile technologies.


Funding Source:  PSC-CUNY/Research Foundation of CUNY, Award # 66403-00 44

Principal Investigator:  Nicholas A. Grosskopf, EdD, MCHES
Status:  Closed for Enrollment; Data Analysis Only

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